Pascal "NightShader" van Stekelenburg

Composer, Pianist, Programmer, Designer

In admiration of his father, he started playing piano at the age of 6. His teacher Jan Lichtendahl was hesitant at first to take him as his student due to the fact that many parents force young children to learn to play piano. After several requests the teacher would give it a chance and immediatly noticed the passion and talent in the young boy. As a teenager he attended the high school "Segbroek College" which offered an extra music course alongside regular classes. There he was taught a wide variety of music styles, instruments and other music skills. During this time he started playing more and more music by ear from video games and movies. His teacher admired his passion and allowed him to practise and play film and game music for lessons but suggested to keep playing classical pieces for the technical skill. Eventually the teacher noticed a lot of the game music was heavier than the classical pieces he played at the time and suggested to play some more heavy russian piano pieces. After 14 years together, he and his teacher became very close and has been taking lessons until the death of his teacher in 2004.

After graduating high school he focussed more on computer science and attended the "Mon3aan ICT College" where he was taught about networking and system maintenance. Since he was more interested in software programming and game development, he eventually convinced his tutors to allow him to do a game development project for his graduation. Some classmates knew that he played music themes from games and asked him to create a video to show to them. He then recorded 3 videos of Super Mario Theme, Tetris Theme and The Legend of Zelda Theme. A few months later he discovered the video website YouTube. Not knowing exactly what the website was, he just uploaded The Legend of Zelda Theme video he had from before. Immediatly viewers were posting positive comments and requesting more videos of other themes. Listening to the requests he started posting more and more videos and currently has over 200 videos available on his channel and over 12.000 subscribers.

All his life he has been obsessed with computers, games, music and programming. As a young boy he was programming on the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 in Basic and started composing music on the Amiga 500 in Deluxe Music by Electronic Arts. Later when he owned his first PC he searched for a higher programming language and tried the programming language Borland Pascal for a while. He then attended and finished the Dirksen C/C++ course and started learning OpenGL and DirectX to develop his games. On the PC he was also trying out several music software until he eventually stayed with Cakewalk Sonar for composing music and Finale for writing sheetmusic. Since a few years he picked up Flash Actionscript programming and is developing several Flash games now.

He is the founder of Shade Music Studios and works as a music composer for media and programmer and designer of video games.

Daniel "Davionz" van Stekelenburg

Composer, Pianist

At the age of 10 he started playing accordion and at the age of 12 he performed together with his brother Rinus, who played the drums, on festivals and parties. In 1966 he joined his brother in the band The Chiva’s. In 1974 he was doing a lot of studio recordings for bands like “Shocking Blue”. One year later he toured through Europe with the band “Andy Star & The Stripes” and visited Germany, Switserland, Austria, Denmark and Finland amongst others. After Andy Star left the band, he continued playing with The Stripes as the name Acapulco.

“Acapulco” is a Dutch studioband, a creation of the studio musician Piet Souer, who scored a hit called “Bebida Magica” in 1980 with this band. In 1985 he resumed as a trio in the Netherlands under the name “Trio Acapulco”.

Together with his brother Rinus, he played in “The Turnpike Band” in 2002 and in 2004 he was approached to play once again at The Chiva’s band.

Ranging from Electronic to Orchestral, Ambience and catchy themes, he now composes music for multimedia and games at Shade Music Studios.

Lucia "ShinkeiAls" De Santiago

Pianist, Painter, Designer

From a very early age, Lucia was attracted and interested in all art forms and artistic expressions. She showed qualities in both singing and drawing and could draw whatever she saw. In music, she also showed a special interest and fascination for the piano, because of that she asked her parents to buy a keyboard for her, that they were able to give her until years later. When her first private piano classes began, about 11 years old, she had her first experience with piano and solfége (singing scales). She showed talent in both but unfortunately her classes ended just a few months after because her teacher suffered from epileptic attacks.

From that moment Lucia began to learn by herself, achieving to be able to interpret and memorize several classical songs.

At the age of 16 she began to record videos of herself playing those classical songs as feedback to watch herself and see what she could improve.

At 20 years old, while still being in University of Graphic Design in the mornings and working in the evenings, she decided to enter the music school of the Universidad de Guadalajara, that gave classes every weekend. She could continue with her passion for music.

At that time she resumed her theoretical and practical education in piano.
A year later she decides to leave music school because of heavy workload of her job and university that didn't allow her enough time to practice piano at home. Still, she joins a small music band with friends as the keyboard player. After graduating University in 2009 where she developed her drawing and painting skills, she creates some artwork in several techniques,'realism' being her favorite style.

During her university years she also made some Flash Animations, Stop motions and Short Movies that she wrote, directed, acted and edited.

It was in the year of 2006 when Lucia found YouTube and created her own channel "Shinkeials" where she uploaded her old piano videos in private (hidden), as a backup. But in 2011 when her band went separate ways she decided to continue practicing by herself again. She recorded her first cover, "Mutter" by Rammstein, which she also sang without having any vocal education besides her solfége lessons. Sometime later she decided to share it publically in YouTube. After receiving many positive feedback from viewers, Lucia decided to continue recording more covers on piano, mostly metal & videogames songs.

Some time later she received an invitation from one of her YouTube contacts "NightShader1", who she admired for his talent in music, to record her voice for a new project which Lucia accepted. Together they recorded the "Future Ghosts" theme of the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier game. Later they decided to record a cover of "Hijo de la Luna" in Spanish and was well received by the fans and the video has thousands of views on YouTube. From that moment they decided to continue their collaborations in addition to their own solo projects. Lucia joined Shade Music Studios where, in addition to the music collaborations, she is also part of the creation of mini games that she designs together with Pascal.

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